Tooth Jewels

Tooth Jewels – NOW Available!


Tooth Jewels at Radiance are Swarovski glass crystals, designed specifically for dental use. The crystals have a special coating on the back and their facet cut reflects the light and makes it sparkle like a diamond.

Tooth Jewels have been popularized by singers such as Pink and has become the latest in fashion accessories today.

Unlike earlier methods which involved drilling and setting the Jewel into the tooth, a little bit of dental composite material attaches the crystal onto the teeth (similar to braces) and lasts up to a year or longer.

tooth jewels


    • It’s temporary
    • It’s painless
    • It’s fun
    • No drilling or holes
    • Does not harm the tooth

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality of care based on current best-evidence; to focus on each individual regardless of age or level of ability in order to maximize their best oral health potential and optimize overall health. Our main goal is your "Optimum Oral Health".


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