What to Expect

~ First Initial Visit ~

When you visit Radiance Dental Hygiene Cliniq for the first time for preventive dental hygiene care, this is what you can expect:

What to ExpectArrival

  • If this is your first visit we would like to obtain some information and you will be asked to complete a “New Patient & Health History form”. This can either be done in our office prior to your appointment (allow for 10 minutes) or completed at home and emailed or brought in with you on your first visit.
  • If you have dental insurance, that information will be required in our New Patient form. If you would like us to find out your benefit coverage please insure you provide that information two business days before your appointment. You may also inquire directly with your insurance company prior to your appointment.

It is essential that insured patients provide the following information prior to their first visit:

  1. the Name of their insurance carrier
  2. the Group Policy number
  3. Certificate or ID number
  4. the name and date of birth of the policy holder
  5. please provide our office with your benefit booklet at your first appointment if possible

Note: not all insurance companies will allow health practitioners to inquire on your behalf due to the FIPPA (Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act), legislation set out by the Federal Government. Ultimately this information will be your responsibility.

Health History Review

      • For medico-legal requirements and uses, we will review your dental & health history including medications, and current health status.

Initial Exam

During the initial new patient examination, we will collect the following information and will proceed as follows:

      • Complaints and concerns.
      • Evaluation of soft tissues. Just like the rest of your skin and surface coverings, (hair, nails, etc). your tissues in side your mouth; oral mucosa and gingiva can display wounds, diseases or other dermatological conditions. Whether you are a first-time patient or an ongoing patient of record, we provide these services as a part of our comprehensive assessment which includes Oral Cancer Screening.
      • Evaluation of your gums. Also know as the periodontium, we will look at the general condition of your gum tissue as well as detailed periodontal probings and recessions for each tooth/region. Periodontal probings are measured in millimeters and are a direct reflection of your gum attachment to your teeth.
      • Evaluation of your teeth. We will look at the individual state of each tooth as well as which teeth are missing or unaccounted for. This will include existing fillings/restorations.
      • Diagnostic Imaging. Clinical photographs may be taken for a patient if required in order to provide a visual record and aid in diagnosis or for referrals. Radiographs (x-ray pictures) may also required for periodontal evaluation & diagnosis and or for referrals.


    • Based on our dental hygiene diagnosis, we then recommend treatment plan options for you. With your direction and guidance we will work together to achieve your optimal oral health.
    • Treatment may include: scaling, root planing, fluoride, piezo scaling (ultrasonic), desensitization, and other procedures.
    • We understand that some treatment can cause sensitivity and discomfort. We aim to make every patient comfortable, and include the use of needle free anesthetic when necessary.
    • Post-Treatment Assessment – once treatment is completed, an assessment is performed to determine success, and what future preventive treatment is required.
    • Ongoing treatment plans can vary by individual. In some cases, a few initial appointments are required to “get the mouth to its optimal oral health ”. After that, recall appointments can occur as frequently as every 3 months, or as infrequently as every 12 months. The most common recall intervals are 4 & 6 months.


  • Once the post-treatment assessment is completed you will settle your account.
  • Payment is accepted in the form of Cash, Debit  Visa or MasterCard.
  • We submit all claims electronically to those insurance carriers that accept electronic submission.
  • We will take care of submitting the insurance claim form on your behalf. Please contact your insurance provider for repayment time-frame. Note: many insurance carriers allow the client to submit online allowing the fastest payment time frames (if they do not accept electronic submission); within the same day or a few working days especially for dental hygiene services.

 Our preventative services are invaluable in creating your “Optimum Oral Health”.

At Radiance Dental Hygiene Cliniq our goal is to stop dental disease .

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